Friday, November 12, 2004

Newmarket housing developments put on ‘pause’

Newmarket housing developments put on ‘pause’


Democrat Staff Writer

NEWMARKET — The Planning Board on Tuesday continued two applications for a housing development proposing 80 homes for Newfields off Halls Mill Road.

The Mill Woods subdivision, proposed by developers including Joseph Falzone, would be located south of the intersection of Grant and Ash Swamp roads, and north of Route 87. About 31 acres of the 344-acre subdivision fall in Newmarket.

The developers, represented by William Doucet of Doucet Survey in Newmarket, are negotiating with the Newfields Planning Board.

The plan calls for leaving more than half of the acreage, about 175 acres, in open space.

The plan proposes a new road system connecting Halls Mill Road to Route 87 in Newfields, and would not include a new roadway or dwelling units in Newmarket, Doucet said.

The Newmarket Planning Board on Tuesday continued, until March, an application that would support this plan. While the plan does not entertain building in Newmarket, part of the property is in the town. This necessitates an application with the Newmarket board, according to the board’s attorney.

Also on Tuesday, the Newmarket board accepted as complete an application that does entertain using Newmarket’s Schanda Drive as an access to the development.

Schanda Drive residents and others have strenuously objected to this plan, saying it would transform their tranquil neighborhood into a dangerous thoroughfare.

The Newmarket board refused to accept the application as complete last spring, because it did not include a traffic study and because it had no legal opinion on approved access from Schanda Drive.

Now that the board has these items it accepted the application as complete, and then continued the application until March. While the town has a legal opinion, the access question would likely be decided in court, if it comes to that.

The second application could be of use to the developers if their current negotiations with Newfields fail to result in an agreement.


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